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 In Before Cata is newly formed 10 man progression guild on Darrowmere, Ally side. We are formed by 2 RL friends who have raided together off and on for over 5 years.  Most Recently we raided Ulduar 10 together knocking out most of it's HardModes pre-ToC. Having taken a break, we are bit behind progression and would like to dive back in at the entry level of ICC.  In the coming weeks we will be assembling a group of dedicated, team oriented people together who have found themselves in this same situation.  People that will not mind learning how to work together, wiping on bosses and celebrating victories.  You must be willing to put forth the effort if you wish to reap the rewards, this isn't going to be a loot train ride.  Our focus will be on 10 man content, and it will remain that way. The main raids will happen Tue, Wed, Thu, starting roughly around 8pm pst, and going untill at least 11pm pst extended on a case by case basis.

What we are looking for?

80s properly gemmed and enchanted with a GS of 4.6 -5k

1 OT (preferably a prot pally with ret off spec)

3 healers ( preferably with a dps offspec)

1 melee dps (preferrably a rogue)

3 ranged dps( preferably Hunter, Arcane Mage, Boomkin)

Willing to use Vent, OT must have a mic

Addons: DBM, Omen, Decursive (where applicable)

Please go to the forums section "Looking To Join" for additional info.



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Araeleus Downs a Squirrel!

Araeleus, May 11, 10 8:31 PM.
Though it threatened my ankles, I burned all my cool downs and was Victorious!
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